Get to Know a Little Bit About Me

Hello friends, family, newcomers, soon to be friends, patrons, gentlefolk... whatever you are... Thank you for coming to my webpage, and thank you for taking the time to peruse my page and read about who I am. I promise I won't make this too long.

My name is Krysteena. I have been a Photographer for about 15 years now, and an artist for even longer. I don't think I have a passion bigger for anything else. My favorite type of photography is portrait photography. This makes me the perfect candidate to take pictures of your lovely faces and the faces of your loved ones as well. I do get a squeaky when I get a chance to be creative, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH COSPLAY PICTURES Y'ALL!  But overall I love creating memories, meeting new people, and helping to capture those moments in life that you want to remember.

My favorite season to photograph is fall and winter, I love snow pictures and the fall colors are so dang pretty I just swoon over all the images I take during these times of year. I have mainly spent my time becoming a professional in natural light photography, but I have recently, in the last few years, started incorporating some artificial lighting for indoor photography. It is fun to know that after 15 years I still have so much to learn. I hope to one day get into landscape photography and nature photography. I think I may have to practice a little more patience than I already have for this one to turn out the way I want though.

As for my art. I love drawing, painting, and creating. I got into digital art just a few years ago. Invested in my first iPad and pencil and I haven't stopped since. I have created several stickers that you can see and purchase on this website, I have also created several logos for small businesses, and I have made some cover art for some self-publishing authors as well. I enjoy doing stickers because it's a small image that is usually so stinking cute it makes you want to cry, but it's something that can be used and admired on the go as well. I hope to create so many more images for you to enjoy.

As for some other random facts about me, my favorite colors are green and yellow, I will almost always be wearing a cardigan or a hoodie, I dress for fall year around, and I am my weird self through and through. I grew up playing soccer in a baseball loving family and being the artsy fartsy one all the way from elementary school. I did soccer, theatre, art, and photography in college. I feel like I've always known what it was I was to do with my life and here I am still trying to rock it. So, thank you for taking the time to boost my confidence and reading about me and my passions. If you have questions or want something I don't have on my webpage, feel free to reach out via my contact page... I promise I don't bite hard!